BM4SIT is a health project supported by the European Union
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Project management

The Management Board, representing the different disciplines of the project, is the actual managing body of the BM4SIT project, overseeing the nine work-packages, each with their own work package leader. The main duty of the Management Board is to monitor the day-to-day progress of BM4SIT towards agreed deliverables and milestones, within the constraints of the available budget. Moreover, BM4SIT has installed a Project Support Office (PSO), a General Assembly with one representative of each of the 9 partners, an Ethical Committee and an External Advisory Board.

Members of the management board:

  • Project coordinator: Prof. Dr. Ronald van Ree
  • Project manager: Dr. Laurian Zuidmeer
  • Prof. Dr. Fátima Ferreira
  • Prof. Dr. Marek Jutel
  • Dr. Hans van Schijndel
  • Dr. Frank Stolz