BM4SIT is a health project supported by the European Union
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Novel concept for birch pollen allergy treatment:

Safe and rapid induction of an anti-inflammatory immune response using a biochemically produced hypoallergen and vitamin D3 

Allergy is the most prevalent chronic inflammatory disease. So far, allergen-specific immunotherapy (AIT) is the only curative treatment effectively targeting the allergic immune response. Long treatment duration and risk of anaphylactic side-effects have prevented this treatment from becoming the first choice in allergy therapy.

BM4SIT “Bet v 1 Mutant for [4] Specific Immuno Therapy"-Therapy: With this concept we aim at setting new standards concerning safety, efficacy, and comfort in AIT. This ambitious goal shall be achieved by combining the proprietary technologies of several partners of BM4SIT.


Safer, better and quicker therapeutic vaccines

BM4SIT aims at making AIT safer, more effective and more patient-friendly. Therefore, a therapy concept was developed, which will allow a reduction of the number of injections. Moreover, due to the nature of the novel drug substance treatment-associated side-effects can be reduced.

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The concept of BM4SIT is based on two innovations: 

1. Novel drug substance (BM41)
  • The current natural allergen extracts are replaced by highly efficient engineered allergen derivative (BM41).
2. Novel adjuvant (Vitamin D3)


  • A novel adjuvant is added to support rapid and effective induction of an anti-inflammatory immune response.